Your Oil's Secret Weapon

Affordable, Superior Engine Protection

Oil filters are meant to protect your engine from harmful debris, dirt and metal fragments. Your filter is likely made of paper, old technology that can begin to fail before your next oil change. Ours is made from aerospace grade materials. Superior protection. Period.



Why would you allow 80 year-old technology in your 21st century car?




HUBB Oil Filter

  • Made from surgical stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum
  • Filter-in-a-filter design
  • Improves oil flow up to 5X, thereby reducing engine friction
  • 99% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (captures contaminants down to 5 microns)
  • Increases contaminant storage capacity by up to 5X
  • Potential to reduce carbon monoxide and nitric oxide emissions
  • Increase your oil change interval based on oil analysis
  • Non absorbent and captures contaminants as the oil is filtered through our filter in a filter design, which increases storage capacity

Conventional Oil Filter

  • Oil filter design has not changed in over 80 years
  • One filter design - made from paper and tin
  • Oil flow slows down when saturated with oil & contaminants
  • Most oil filters are rated at 99% Efficiency at 40 microns
  • Standard contaminant storage capacity
  • Does not improve emissions
  • Standard oil change interval



Technology so important and advanced, HUBB earned 18 U.S. and International Patents.

Hubb's aerospace grade materials, far exceed current automotive standards, and provide superior protection while helping to eliminate the millions of used oil filters that end up in landfills.



1 - High Flow Mounting Plate
2 - Threaded Parts with Viton Seals
3 - Primary Media
4a - Dual Pressure Differential Valve
4b - Dual Pressure Differential Valve
5 - Secondary Media
6 - Cooling Cover

The HUBB filter looks and works completely differently than a conventional filter and protects your engine much better.

The difference starts with how the oil flows into the filter. 1) High Flow Mounting Plate: The HUBB filter high flow mounting plate features two large kidney shaped openings that channel the oil around the exterior of the primary filter. These large openings dramatically increase the oil flow in comparison to a conventional filter.

2) Threaded Parts with Viton Seals: HUBB Filters threads and Viton seals to securely attach all our filters' billet parts. This design and utility ensure every HUBB Filter can withstand high pressure and flow rates without experiencing blow-by or becoming attached.

HUBB deploys a multi patented filter-in-a-filter design. Most of the oil is filtered by the 3) Primary Media: which filters oil from the outside to the inside. But when the pressure increases during acceleration it activates the 4a) Dual Pressure Differential Valve. HUBB's 1st pressure differential valve opens and oil flows into the 5) Secondary Media where it is filtered from the inside to the outside of the filter. This opposite flow from the primary filter eliminates cross contamination of the clean and dirty oil, allowing only the clean oil to flow through the center of the filter and back into the engine.

The purpose of the secondary filter is to enable HUBB to keep filtering your oil at higher pressure. Conventional filters do not have this capability and when faced with increased pressure go into bypass mode which contaminates the oil as the filter stops working.

To further protect your engine, the HUBB filter has a 2nd 4b) Dual Pressure Differential Valve that opens when pressure become excessive in extreme operating conditions. This 2nd Dual Pressure Differential Valve ensures that the engine is never without oil and unlike conventional filters, this 2nd Pressure Differential Valve closes when the oil flow returns to normal. The HUBB 6) Cooling Cover: The HUBB Cooling Cover regulates oil flow to prevent cavitation at high flow rates, while our larger filters also feature a patented active heat sink that helps regulate the temperature of the oil in the filter while its being processed.

HUBB's patented design can increase the oil flow rate to the engine up to 5 times the rate of a standard oil filter and HUBB's filter efficiency is 99% of contaminants at 25 microns versus only 52% for a conventional filter. In combination with its patented pressure differential valves, the HUBB filter provides superior and longer protection for your engine.




How HUBB Filters Make a Difference


Hubb filters are manufactured using aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel with Viton seals, making the entire filter recyclable. As you know, the EPA has determined that used oil filters are considered "hazardous" and you are responsible for them until they have been properly disposed of according to Federal Regulations. HUBB eliminates that process and frees up your fleet from that potential liability.

HUBB's patented design provides your vehicles with the following advantages over standard paper filters:

  • Are built with a surgical stainless steel weave to capture contaminants as small as 5 microns
  • Include 2 pressure differential valves for increased oil flow and engine safety
  • Use easy-to-clean, reusable internal parts
  • Improve oil flow by up to 5 times, when compared to conventional filters, to reduce engine friction
  • Require 0.40 PSID/gallon to push oil flow, compared to 7.0 PSID/gallon for conventional filters
  • Increase contaminant storage capacityby up to 5 times, but do not accumulate unrecyclable oil like conventional filters
  • Potential to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and nitric oxide emissions. Study available upon request.
  • Over time your cost savings can increase from 20% in the first year to 50% or more in the subsequent years, while keeping your engine protected and your oil cleaner for longer. With the patented HUBB Filters reusable, sustainable design, environmental savings are realized, too.

HUBB utilizes an objective, oil analysis-based approach to eliminating unnecessary oil changes and labor costs. This proven approach is based on using actionable data secured from your fleet performance. Since every fleet is different, using your own actionable data offers a solid foundation for the fleet manager to manage oil change interval decisions going forward.

HUBB also removes the need for filter disposal since Hubb filters are 100% recyclable and have a 100,000 mile or 5,000-hour guarantee.

The last filter you'll ever need. Built from surgical-grade stainless steel, our filter stands up to your toughest applications. From diesel racers, to work trucks, to fleets of all sizes, use your filter, clean it and repeat it - over and over again.

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