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The difference is obvious
EngineHUBB Oil Filter
(Surgical Stainless Steel Media)
EngineConventional Oil Filter
(Paper Media)


Alloy Cover
secondary filter
primary filter
mounting plate

  • Patented, filter-in-a-filter design
  • Surgical stainless steel filter weave
  • 2 pressure differential valves
  • Reusable, inner parts of filters are easy to clean

Revolutionary Performance
Conventional Filter

  • Made from paper
  • One filter design
  • Does not improve oil flow
  • 52% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns
  • Standard contaminant storage capacity, captures oil
  • Does not improve emissions
  • Standard oil change interval
HUBB Filter

  • Made from surgical stainless steel
  • Filter-in-a-filter design
  • Improves oil flow by 5X, thereby reducing engine friction
  • 99% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (captures contaminants up to 2 microns)
  • Increases contaminant storage capacity by 5X, doesn’t capture oil
  • Up to 30% carbon emissions reduction
  • Double + the oil change interval

Save Money, Time & The environment
When you install a HUBB Filter in your vehicle you make a significant contribution to the health of our planet. HUBB Filters reduce emissions and waste, all while protecting your engine and improving the performance of your vehicle. But HUBB doesn’t just help save the planet, it helps you save too! When you install a HUBB Filter in your vehicle, you will experience quicker maintenance visits and lower oil change costs.

HUBB Filter cleaning system

HUBB has created the perfect environmentally friendly cleaning solution to ensure your HUBB Filter runs perfectly for life.

Testing & Validation

HUBB filters have been tested extensively over the past decade and the results are amazing.


We created a totally new approach to oil filtration and have 3 patents that cover everything from design to fluid dynamics.

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