Designed to Meet the Unique Demands of Fleets – HUBB Filters
Engines on fleet vehicles work harder than those on regular vehicles. Within a single day, they may experience multiple startups, idle more often and carry heavier loads. Reusable and cleanable, HUBB filters are designed to meet fleets’ unique demands. Their surgical steel media allows more oil to flow through to protect the engine and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. In the long run, this translates into huge cost savings for fleet managers.

HUBB & Industrial Injection
Industrial Injection, the diesel performance experts, showcase the HUBB filter and how it lives up to their stringent performance standards.

Introducing HUBB… The Next Generation Oil Filter
HUBB Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Christopher Hubbard, explains how the company transformed the 50 year-old technology of the paper oil filter into a revolutionary 21st Century technology that keeps your oil cleaner and longer than any other filter.

Better for your Engine, Better for the Environment
Did you know the incorrect disposal of used paper oil filters has a harmful effect on our environment? That’s why we designed the HUBB filter to be reusable and easy to clean, which reduces waste and carbon emissions all while saving you money and protecting your engine!