Testing & Validation

Proven Performance
Formal research and testing on the HUBB oil filter was conducted by Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. (ATDS) of Ontario, California. ATDS has previously done extensive work in the area of vehicle durability and emission testing for various automotive OEMs, California’s Air Resources Board (ARB) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

HUBB also worked with a nationally recognized, independent testing laboratory to perform other International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard oil filter testing. They are also well known in the filter industry and performs testing for many brands of filters.

Analysis for fleets that have used the HUBB oil filter was conducted by Blackstone Laboratories, Fort Wayne, Indiana and Polaris Laboratories, Indianapolis, Indiana.

TestingATDS Study
on original patented design*
TestingIndependent Lab Study
on original patented design*

*37 Degree Filters name changed to HUBB Filters in November 2014.

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