Better Performance Starts with a Better Oil Filter
Help your vehicle run better with a HUBB oil filter. HUBB filters use a patented, filter-in-a-filter design that is 99% efficient at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (versus 52% for conventional filters).


Our filters:

  • Are built with a surgical stainless steel weave to capture contaminants as small as 2 microns
  • Include 2 pressure differential valves for increased engine safety
  • Use easy-to-clean, reusable internal parts
  • Improve oil flow by 5 times, when compared to conventional filters, to reduce engine friction
  • Produce an oil flow rate of 50 gallons/minute, compared to 10-12 gallons/minute for conventional filters
  • Require .2 PSI/gallon to push oil flow, compared to 7 PSI/gallon for conventional filters
  • Increase contaminant storage capacity by 5 times, but do not accumulate unrecyclable oil like conventional filters
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 30%
PerformanceOur Performance is So Strong,
We Offer a 100,000 Mile Warranty!
Conventional Filter VS. HUBB Filter
Conventional Filter

  • Made from paper
  • One filter design
  • Does not improve oil flow
  • 52% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns
  • Standard contaminant storage capacity, captures oil
  • Does not improve emissions
  • Standard oil change interval

  • Made from surgical stainless steel
  • Filter-in-a-filter design
  • Improves oil flow by 5X, thereby reducing engine friction
  • 99% Efficiency at removing oil contaminants at 25 microns (captures contaminants down to 2 microns)
  • Increases contaminant storage capacity by 5X, doesn’t capture oil
  • Up to 30% carbon emissions reduction
  • Double + the oil change interval