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Christopher Hubbard, our Founder, is a motorsports enthusiastic and engine tinkerer and was frustrated with the poor performance of conventional oil filters as well as their negative environmental impact. Christopher observed that oil had changed significantly over the past 50 years but oil filters had not changed at all. It was clear to Christopher that the oil filter was the weak link in the oil management system of the engine. This frustration, in combination with the experience Christopher gained while working with classified agents, toxins and diseases while performing lung and liver perfusions at USAMRIID provided the motivation and inspiration to create the HUBB filter.


Seven years later and after millions of dollars invested in development and laboratory testing and millions of miles of field testing, we are pleased to introduce the HUBB filter. It’s no accident that a HUBB filter looks totally different from a conventional filter. And, it’s no accident that HUBB performs dramatically better.

Our ambitious goal is to equip every combustion engine equipped vehicle on our planet with a HUBB filter. Why? Because a vehicle equipped with a HUBB filter performs better, is better protected, saves you money and time and helps the environment. There is simply no reason not to have a HUBB filter on your vehicle.

Check out our testing and see for yourself. Or better yet, give us a call (844-289-7791) or email us and we can share with you the benefits, discuss how you can protect your engine better and help save our planet while saving money!