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Q: How do I find the correct filter for my vehicle?
A: It’s easy with the HUBB Filter Finder. Just enter your vehicle information and receive the model number for the compatible HUBB Filter.


Q: Does the HUBB oil filter meet OEM industry specifications?
A: Definitely. The HUBB oil filter meets and exceeds all industry specifications. Visit the Testing and Validation section to learn more.


Q: Does the HUBB oil filter void any OEM warranties?
A: Absolutely not. For more information, please see the HUBB warranty.


Q: How does the HUBB oil filter compare to other well-known oil filter brands?
A: The HUBB filter exceeds other oil filters in filtration, oil flow and the reduction of emissions. Visit the Testing and Validation section to learn more.


Q: What oils can I use with the HUBB oil filter?
A: You can use any brand of conventional, synthetic blend, high mileage, or full synthetic motor oil safely with the HUBB filter.


Q: Does the HUBB filter have a Anti-Drainback Valve?
A: The HUBB filter does not need an anti-drainback valve. The anti-drainback valve serves a critical function for conventional/paper oil filters – it traps oil in the paper media which helps prevent the media from drying out after the engine is turned off for long periods of time. Since the HUBB filter’s media is made from stainless steel, there is no reason an anti-drainback valve.


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