Cleaning System

HUBB Filter Cleaning System
The patented HUBB filter lasts a lifetime because the 2 inner filters are easy to clean and are reusable. The contaminants captured by the HUBB filter can be removed from the inner filters by using the HUBB Filter Cleaning Machine in combination with specially formulated Cleaning Concentrate. The HUBB system is MSDS compliant and does not require any special handling.

You’re good as new with these easy steps:

  • Remove the 2 inner filters, disassemble and place in rack
  • Place the rack with the inner filters into the HUBB Cleaning Machine
  • Fill the HUBB Cleaning Machine with specially formulated Cleaning Concentrate plus water until the filters are covered or you have reached the fill line of the tank. (Ratio of concentrate is designated by the filter you are cleaning and the size of the cleaning station being used)
  • Run the 10-minute cleaning cycle
  • Remove the filters from the HUBB Cleaning Machine and let dry
  • Reassemble the inner filters, screw them back onto the base plate and then screw on the filter cover
  • Recycle the used cleaning concentrate and water in accordance with EPA guidelines

Your filter is now good as new!

For information on our multi-filter cleaning system, please contact us.