Better For Your Vehicle

Better Oil Flow = Better Protection
The HUBB Filter has been specifically engineered to reduce friction. Increasing oil flow the right way can help reduce engine friction. Independent laboratories have proven that HUBB increases oil flow by as much as 5 times over the competition. No filter on the market provides the oil flow protection of HUBB.
Better Oil Filtration = Cleaner, Longer Lasting Oil
Simply put, the HUBB filter filters better which means your oil stays cleaner, longer. Independent laboratories have shown that HUBB is 99% efficient at removing contaminants at 25 microns whereas most conventional filters are only 52% efficient. That’s a huge difference and is central to why you can safely double your oil change interval with a HUBB filter.

No Dirty Oil Mixing with Clean Oil
When oil flow is restricted, a conventional filter opens its by-pass valve in order to maintain oil flow and protect your engine. However, clean oil is mixed with dirty oil when the bypass valve opens.

The HUBB filter is based upon an entirely different design that uses two pressure differential valves rather than a single by-pass valve. This design ensures that dirty oil is not mixed with clean oil in high pressure situations. In addition, the HUBB design traps the contaminants in a way that there is minimal risk of contaminants being released into the engine.

HUBB Filters

  • Increase engine protection with 5 times the oil flow of conventional filters
  • Produce an oil flow rate of up to 50 gallon/minute vs. conventional filter of 10-12 gallon/minute
  • Require .2 PSI/gallon for oil flow compared to 7 PSI/gallon for a conventional filter
  • Remove oil contaminants at 25 microns at 99% efficiency (Compared to 52% for a conventional filter)
  • Capture contaminants down to 5 microns
  • Increase contaminant storage capacity by 5 times, but does not accumulate unrecyclable oil like conventional filters
  • Up to 30% carbon monoxide emissions and 16% nitric oxide emissions reduction
  • Increase fuel mileage by up to 2.4%