Better For The Earth

HUBB Eliminates Used Oil Filters Going into Landfills – or Worse
Over 800 million oil filters are used each year in the US alone. And since each filter contains toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pose human health and environmental risks, a used filter must be properly disposed in accordance with governmental guidelines. Non-compliance results in significant fines. But, the EPA estimates that almost 50% of oil filters are not disposed of properly.

Since HUBB is a permanent and cleanable filter, it helps reduce this growing environmental problem.


Proven Technology for Our World
Did you know that the production of one quart of oil requires almost 5 lbs. of carbon? What this means is that a simple oil change for the family car “costs” about 25 pounds of carbon. It’s even higher for a truck or commercial vehicle. With a HUBB filter, you can at least double your oil change interval and thereby reduce your carbon footprint by 50% or more. With over 200 million vehicles in the US, that’s a lot of carbon that you can save with HUBB!

emission reduction

HUBB reduces carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions

Emissions Reduction
Emissions Reduction

Source: ATDS. This is the identical test that is used by OEMs and EPA/CARB to determine compliance with exhaust regulations.